Executive Summary

Policy makers have since the inception of our promising State sought the answer to the question “Is the economy of a country dependent on the state of health or is the state of health in a country dependent on the economy?” Many answers have been put forward by different philosophers but so far, eradication of disease is still but an idea in the minds of the Founding Fathers.

After several reviews of these answers, we at Afya Kenya Foundation are of the opinion that perhaps it is the question that should be reviewed and not the answers. It has become evident that the economy and the health of a nation are inseparable and cannot be considered in isolation. The two go hand in hand; the economy directly affects the state of health and vice versa. We at Afya Kenya Foundation fully appreciate the importance of health in shaping the destiny of a nation and have made it our mission to provide quality health care for all in Kenya.

Ajuma Nasenyana…I Know What Hardship Is!

Making A Difference!

Making A Difference!

“Its heart breaking…To see so many people suffering here in Kenya. They are starving, sick…With no doctor in sight for miles!” She decries amid sobs. A stark contrast to the runways of New York. No matter how successful she has been, she describes as vivid her memories of home.

Ajuma jumped at the opportunity to be of assistance to the poorest of the poor in society especially due to the intense malady she encounters in her home district of Turkana.

“I know what hardship is!” She constantly reminds us. Words that keep us on our toes pushing for a bright future working with her to make quality healthcare accessible to all.

Sauti Sol Saving Souls

Sauti Sol Chooses Afya!

Sauti Sol Chooses Afya!

Sauti Sol as a musical movement has a near fanatic following among the Kenyan youth. This African acoustic band consisting of four members; Bien-Aime Baraza, Willis Chimano, Delvin Mudigi and Polycarp Otieno now want to convert this enthusiasm amongst the youth into action bringing change to communities in hardship areas such as Garissa.

“When we signed up as Goodwill Ambassadors for the Afya Kenya Foundation, we resolved to step out of our comfort zone. We made a pledge to help serve the poorest of the poor in order that we may see quality healthcare made accessible to all and we have every intention of not only achieving but surpassing this goal,” says vocalist Willis.

Sauti Sol challenges you to be a part of the solution…Support Art For Afya, Support The Afya Kenya Foundation!